How can VOIP Phone Systems Help Businesses?

Turn your phone to business communication tool.

Are you a small business person or a young entrepreneur who is short on budget but dreams of competing with the top-notch corporate houses? Are you planning to reach a wide base of customers but are unsure on how exactly could you set up your business communication system? Does the cost of hiring a personal secretary intimidate you? Are you looking for a system that could be functional all round the clock irrespective of the day? If answers to any of these questions are yes, then you can rejoice as today technology offers the potential to transform a simple smartphone into a virtual business communication tool.

Voip Phone Systems

Problems that small businesses face

    • The primary problem with small businesses is that they cannot invest a staggering sum of money to set up a call center to connect with all their customers.
    • It is not probably viable to expect that a single secretary or receptionist could be available during every moment.
    • It is not possible to put your customers on hold so that you may transfer the call to some other professional.
    • As an entrepreneur or business person, you cannot circulate your personal contact number to a myriad of people. Also, on the other hand, you cannot think about carrying multiple numbers just for the sake of remaining in touch with your customers and clients.

The solution- Virtual phone system

If you can relate to the problems that are posed, then a virtual phone system could turn out to be your rescuer. A virtual phone system application helps you in setting up your personal call center on the phone. VOIP Phone Systems offer the facility to have a virtual call center. Whenever a customer would call on your centralized business phone number, he/she would be greeted by an Interactive Voice Response (IVR). You will get an option to set up different preferences for different customers and various parts of the day. Based on that, the callers could be directed to different professionals or could record voicemails.

The benefits offered

VOIP Phone Systems offer various benefits that would turn your smartphone into a call center at a minimal cost.

1. Could connect with any calling device

There are instances when you are constrained to make calls to only a given set of telephone devices. But with a business communication tool, you get the flexibility to make and forward calls to all the phone devices like a feature phone, conference phone, smartphone, landline, VoIP, etc.

2. Offers vanity, local and toll-free number

A virtual phone system eradicates the requirement of multiple phone numbers. Through it, you get to have a single personalized local or toll-free business number. Not only this, but the system also gives you the opportunity to have a vanity number for your business.

3. Enjoy privacy

With this system, you can reach out to all your customers without the fearing of exposing your personal number to all. Whenever you place a call to a client or when an employee forwards a caller’s call to you, then your business number would flash on the client’s device. Also, the device offers you the privilege to all your employees to set up a time during which they would not be available. All the calls that are made to him during those hours would automatically be directed to some other professional who is working at that time.

4. Special preferences for special people

Indeed, every customer is valuable but obviously, some of them could me much more crucial while some may be just spammers. The virtual business communication tool allows setting up different preferences for these varied set of customers. You may record some special promotional offers for the VIP group and may block those pestering spammers.

5. Virtual receptionist

The IVR of the system acts as a receptionist. So, whenever any customer would call you, the receptionist would greet him/her through a pre-recorded greeting and would thereafter direct him/her to the desired professional according to their choice.

So, VOIP Phone Systems can help any small businessmen or entrepreneur to organize, manage and simplify their business communication without any additional budget.

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